5 replacements for David De Gea if he leaves Manchester United

  1. Jan Oblak:

Oblak has been consistently doing well with Atletico Madrid and it is a surprise really how the Slovenian is still seen with the Madrid side and not some other top European club. Oblak has been a very good reader of the game, commanding in the air and has shown very good reflexes over a long period of time. Should De Gea opt to leave next season, United should do everything to sign the current Atletico Madrid goalkeeper.


  1. Jordan Pickford:

The young English goalkeeper was very impressive during his time in Russia in the 2018 World Cup this year. He showed his capabilities between the sticks and also his shot-stopping abilities. His distribution abilities have been good, which is something not that familiar when it comes to English goalkeepers. United can easily convince the Everton goalkeeper to join them and with the right guidance he sure can become one of the best in the league.


  1. Jack Butland:

Butland was strongly running for England’s #1 spot and if it hadn’t been for Pickford’s impressive form, Butland would have got a chance with the Three Lions more frequently. Butland unfortunately was part of the Stoke City team that got relegated and given how his shown his loyalty and stayed with them, shows some great character. Butland has the potential to become a great goalkeeper and for that he needs to play top level football on a regular basis. An opportunity to play for United will definitely tempt him and United should make it count if De Gea leaves.


  1. Gianluigi Donnarumma:

The Italian goalkeeper has become a big name already at a very young age and it is astonishing how he is still at AC Milan. Nevertheless, there is a lot of scope for Donnarumma, to develop himself and help his career graph take a big leap. His command in the air has been amazing and given how young he is, he has great reflexes. He will need to be more consistent and focused if he is to become a great goalkeeper and that might certainly happen if United sign him in case of De Gea’s departure.


  1. Joel Pereira:

Jose Mourinho highly regards Pereira and has stated that he will become the best Portuguese goalkeeper of the next generation. It is the biggest reason why Jose didn’t wanted to stop his development and become a hurdle for his playing time. Joel has left United but that doesn’t mean his story with the club ends there. Jose wants Pereira to be ready in the near future and in case if De Gea leaves, Pereira can swoop in with some good amount of experience.