5 Things to know about new Manchester City signing Kyle Walker

5) Tough guy

Walker belongs from Sheffield, best known for the film ‘The Full Monty’. The defender has had to work incredibly hard everywhere he has played; however, his toughest fight back came after a pelvis injury hampered his chances of making it to the three lions squad for the World Cup in ’14. Walker was ruled out for nine months, which, to his own admission, led him to question his abilities. He worked his way back, claiming he had to prove to his parents that he was no mediocre player. He became England’s most expensive player ever last week as Pep Guardiola’s side shelled out a hefty 50 million for his services.

4) Has great respect for Pochettino

The defender has great respect for his former boss despite their differences during the business end of last season. After Walker’s grandfather suffered a stroke, Walker requested Pochettino to allow him skip a session. Pochettino told the defender to not worry about the training sessions as family was more important. Walker spoke highly of the manager after this moment, eulogizing Pochettino both as a manager and a human being. While things did not end well for the duo, as Pochettino replaced Walker with Trippier, there is no doubt that off the pitch, both have great fondness for each other.

3) Does not forget his roots

Kyle Walker became the most expensive defender of all time last week, only to be overtaken by Benjamin Mendy as City paid 57 million for the Monaco defender. Furthermore, his transfer also broke the record for the most expensive British player as well, breaking John Stones’ record, when the latter moved from Everton to Manchester City at the beginning of the last season. Despite his unimpeachable success, Walker has his feet on the ground. Walker’s tattoo on his right arm ‘To the star through difficulties’ is a testament to his character. According to the defender, the tattoo serves as a reminder to him about his roots. Walker grew up in a poor family in Sheffield, before moving to London at the age of 17.

2) Love for Sheffield

Walker has great affection for his hometown club, Sheffield United. His love was evident during the League Cup semi-final of 2015, when Tottenham came up against Sheffield United. In the pre-match interview, he proclaimed his love for Sheffield United saying that the club were in his heart. The Walker family, according to Kyle, supported Sheffield and wished for their progression. Nevertheless, Tottenham progressed to the next round, where they were defeated by Mourinho’s Chelsea.

1) Invaluable experience at Northampton Town

Walker was sent on loan to Northampton Town by Sheffield United, as the defender learned about the other side of the game. In the midst of all the glamour and money in the game, people often tend to forget that professional soccer too is a job like any other job. At Northampton, Walker played with players, who were reliant on winning the game in order to feed their families, or players whose mortgages were on the line. Walker, himself, feels grateful for the indispensable experience he had at the lower end of the English football.