5 things you should know about Victor Lindelof, United’s new signing

The ‘Iceman’

The 22-year old Swede has been given the nickname of ‘Iceman’ by his Benfica teammates due to his calm and composed nature on and off the field. A ball playing modern-day defender, Lindelof looks unfazed when pressed or put under pressure by the opposition. His ability to get past players even inside his own penalty area makes him a deadly defender.

Lindelof belongs to those rare breed of defenders who like to stay on their feet as long as they can, resulting in fewer rash tackles and cards. When it comes to getting cautioned, the 22-year old has only been booked once in 2016/17 for Benfica, a remarkable feat being a centre-back.



He has the ability to maraud forward with vicious pace allowing him to play as a right-back when required. The Swede is also capable of wrapping his foot around the ball and send in delightful crosses from the wings or spread the ball through long diagonal balls.

Mourinho can field a 3-man defence with Lindelof playing as a right-sided centre-back rendering a more flexible backline. He is capable to even play as a sweeper or defensive midfielder due to his control of the ball and ball-winning tenacity.


Right from Zlatan’s mouth

Zlatan has hung up his boots for Sweden, but the enigmatic Swede speaks highly of his compatriot. Rumours have surfaced that Zlatan convinced Mourinho and Manchester United to go after Lindelof even though they rarely played with one another for Sweden.

Zlatan feels that Lindelof is a mature defender despite being such a young age, and will develop as a player further in his career. Further adding that his decision to choose any club should be respected, and he would love to see him ply his trade for the Red Devils in the future.


An NHL and Call of Duty fan

Belonging to Sweden, it is no surprise that Lindelof is an ice hockey stalwart. Having close relations with Stockholm born, Chicago Blackhawks forward Dennis Rasmussen; Lindelof has been spotted in various NHL matches. He has revealed his liking towards Ice hockey and has swapped shirts with Dennis quite often.

Lindelof likes to spend most of his time playing Call of Duty with his two brothers and former U-21 Swedish teammate Simon Sandberg. Photos on his social media accounts have shown Lindelof’s attraction.


Well active on social media

With the growing popularity of Twitter and Instagram, there is no doubt that footballers have also jumped on the bandwagon. Lindelof is no exception, and his personal life has never been a closed book thanks to his girlfriend, Maja Nilsson.

An adorable couple, Maja likes to upload candid and uncanny photos of Victor every now and then. When Victor was asked, he replied with usual ‘Iceman’ style that it is her account and he doesn’t feel infuriated by any of it. Victor himself seems to enjoy the fun making, and the duo have already been a fan favourite. Maja recently uploaded a photo reminiscing her time at Benfica with Victor, showing the empathetic side of the duo.