Why Chelsea should not have sold Nemanja Matic to Manchester United


5. Title race

It was obvious that Manchester United were seeing Michael Carrick nearing his career end and that they were seeking a quality player at the heart of their midfield and it was a huge shock when Matic was signed by United. It was reckless and silly from Chelsea to give United exactly what they needed. The signing could turn out to be a title decider as we know what a huge difference Matic can make.



4. Rare quality holding midfielder

Matic is one of those rare holding midfielders who are very good at what he does. In spite of an okayish season last year, Matic remains as a quality player. His reading of the game and anticipation is rare to find. He protects the back four almost as if he’s the fifth defender and gives the license to the attackers to do their job freely. It is not that easy to find, and it is surely a big mistake to let him go.


3. Chelsea needed him

In spite of the signing of Bakayako from Monaco, Chelsea needed a player of Matic’s quality in their squad. Bakayako is still young and a raw talent who needs to be bred and until the Frenchman gets used to playing at this level it would have been wise to keep Matic. Kante surely is a blessing in Chelsea’s midfield but having Matic would have been more beneficial for Conte and co. 


2. Pissed Conte

Antonio Conte is already struggling badly in his second season at Chelsea with different stories coming out about him falling out with some of his players and the board. The Diego Costa is no secret now, and it has become a huge mess for Chelsea to deal with. Conte has already expressed his disappointment with the lack of quality signings made and given it was the Chelsea board that gave the go ahead to sell Matic, Conte is very much displeased with this act.


1. Unleashed Pogba

It was certain that United needed a good holding midfielder not only to replace Carrick but also give Paul Pogba the freedom he needed to fulfill his abilities. Matic is the perfect player to offer Pogba that relaxation to not constantly fall back and take his risks upfront. Pogba was reasonably effective last season, unlucky with some of his outstanding passes not being converted but it looks like he will only get better with the arrival of Matic which is a huge problem for Chelsea and other teams in the Premier League.