Agent Caught Up In Allardyce Sting Says The Situation ‘Kills Him’

Scott McGarvey the football agent who unwittingly lured Sam Allardyce into a sting which ultimately led to the exit for the England manager, has told The Times how the situation ‘kills him.’

“It kills me. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I’ve got my own situation, but the real travesty is Sam,” McGarvey said.

“If he had lost his job at Crewe Alexandra, I would be gutted for him. But he’s lost his job as England manager, the job he built himself up for. For Sam to lose that job, because of this, honestly, it kills me. Kills me.”

McGarvey is keen to clear his name after setting up the ill-fated talks between Allardyce and bogus businessmen representing a sports management group.who later turned out to be undercover Daily telegraph reporters.

The former professional player who began his career at Manchester United has known Allardyce since their playing days during the 1980’s, thought his time had come after being offered £218,000 a year, a range Rover, a company credit card and a ticket to the big game’ for working for a fictitious company.

McGarvey had corresponded with the undercover journalist for 13 weeks and first made contact with Allardyce whilst he was still manager of Sunderland and is adamant Allardyce only got involved to help him out.

They met twice and during one of the meetings Allardyce was caught on camera mocking previous England manager Roy Hodgson and revealing how to bypass strict FA transfer rules, which led to the end of his 67 day reign and one game in charge, as manager of The Three Lions.

Both McGarvey and Allardyce claim to be the victims of entrapment and have only spoken to each other through a third party since. McGarvey now hopes to clear his name and may take legal action against the newspaper.