Allegri’s Juventus In Wales To Face Real Madrid In Champions League Final

Max Allegri and the Juventus side arrived in Wales on Friday with a sixth consecutive league title and the Coppa Italia in their possession, to face Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

A win would be important to Juventus who last won the Champions League back in 1996 and last reached a final two years ago against Barcelona in Berlin.

Having played well against Barcelona in the quarter-final this time round, they have been filled with a new found self-confidence and the belief they can beat any team.

“We have worked hard all year and the wins this season have been all about reaching this game. But on Saturday we need to win and we need to understand when will be the moments to attack and when to defend,” Allegri told a news conference on Friday.

“We have to have the belief that we can bring that Cup home and we have to be fiendish to strike when Real offer us an opening,” he added.

“Two finals in three years is an important step but it is not enough. We have to win and we must be tough, technically and tactically. We aren’t here to visit Cardiff – we came here to win and take that trophy back home.

“In 2015 we got to the final and deserved it but perhaps we didn’t feel confident enough because we had come out of a number of years of struggling in the Champions League. We didn’t expect to win but now it is different.”

Real will start as favourites tonight at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and will hope to keep the trophy for the first time, whilst Juventus hope to take a first Italian treble.

The match between the Italian and Spanish side will involve some of the best players in the world and will be an interesting tactical battle right across the pitch, during 90 minutes of intense pressure.