Brilliant footballers who were once rejected during their early days

10)Harry Kane

The Englishman is widely regarded as one of the best forwards in the world. If the statistics are to be taken into account, then he is as potent as it gets. But it’s also the overall play and character that Kane has shown since breaking on to the scene. Kane is another notable figure who Arsenal nearly missed out on. Or in this case, made a gaffe. The then 8-year old forward was let go off for being too chubby. Makes you wonder what the guys who were in charge back then think of when the England captain scores goals against Arsenal at the Emirates.

9)Antoine Griezmann

A world cup winner and easily amongst the top 10 players in the world, Griezmann has quickly become a talisman for Atletico, who under Simeone look to challenge Barca and Real’s duopoly once again this season. The football world though nearly missed out on the Frenchman had Griezmann given up when he was rejected by Olympique Lyon who rejected him on the account of being too tiny and lacking the necessary physical attributes to play on the highest level.

8)Michel Platini

The 3-time Ballon D’or winner was once amazingly written off by French club Metz. The reported reason for rejection was that Platini had fainted during a trial session and Metz had then and there decided they would not offer a contract to Platini. How they must be ruing their chances now.

7)Ruud Gullit

The former Chelsea manager, Ruud Gullit was a menace to watch back in his playing days with Eindhoven and then later with AC Milan with whom he won numerous titles. Gullit was a part of the elite trio of Frank Rijkaard and Marco Van Basten which dominated the game during their heyday. Arsenal, however, had concerns about Gullit’s attitude and discipline back when he was on a trial.

6)Kylian Mbappe

If Mbappe were to be on the market today, there would be a tussle between the European heavyweights and would possibly break his teammate Neymar’s transfer fee. Such is the prospect Mbappe offers and the fact that he is still just 19 further adds to the embellishement. That though wasn’t always the case as Mbappe was rejected by Chelsea at the age of 13 who thought that he didn’t have the right mindset to give his all in both ends of the game.

5)Franco Baresi

Baresi is known to be an AC Milan legend through and through courtesy of the massive 719 appearances he made for the Italians. It begs the question what would have been the case if Inter Milan with whom Baresi was on trial had not rejected him or told him to come back a year later.

4)Guiseppe Meazza

For a player to have his stadium named after him speaks volumes about the quality. This is evidently true in the great GuiseppeMeazza’s case who is considered to be one of the greatest players to grace the game not just for Inter, where he enjoys a legendary status, but in the world. The other part of Milan did not have the same opinion of the legendary Italian back when he was still in the rudimentary stage. He was rejected with his lack of physical prowess sighted as the reason.

3)Lionel Messi

The Argentine, unarguably amongst the finest players of all time, too was once rejected by a football club which seems utterly ridiculous considering the heights he has managed to reach in his career. It was River Plate who thought that paying 500 euros a month for the little Argentine was too much of an ask.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo

Alongside Messi, Ronaldo too has defined a generation with his goals and skills and trickery over the years. Just how much his former team Real Madrid were dependent on his goals is evident by their struggles this season without their talismanic forward. Ronaldo is a part of that elite group whom Arsenal and Arsene Wenger came close to signing but regret it till date for having not done it in the end. In his case, the Arsenal management decided to rather go with Harry Kewell and not hamper their wage structure.

1)Ronaldo Nazario

The Brazilian who turned out to be one of the greatest players of all time was downright rejected in the early stages of his career by Flamengo. The Brazilian club had the forward on trials and even asked Ronaldo to return the following day but Ronaldo’s reported failure to buy a bus ticket cost him a place in the club.