Currently Active Footballers Who Are Liked By All Fans

  1. Iker Casillas:

The Spanish goalkeeper has been a fine player both on and off the pitch. He is a legend at Real Madrid even if he is not playing with them right now. Casillas is one of those three captains to have won the World Cup, Euros and the Champions league. He has achieved plenty of success on the pitch and has been quite active off it. The Iker Casillas Foundation actively helps underprivileged children to help them with education and their footballing career, no wonder why Casillas is called as Saint Iker.


  1. Gianluigi Buffon:

Alike Casillas, Buffon too is a thorough gentleman both on and off the pitch. Buffon has been a legend at Juventus even if he is playing with PSG right now. The Italian goalkeeper has been unlucky to not get his hands on the Champions league trophy and it is only just that he gets to do that soon. His charity work has been no secret and it is amazing how the Italian has always been so heartwarming both on the field and off it.


  1. Juan Mata:

It is just impossible to hate the little Spaniard. Mata has been a great footballer but above that he has been a superb human being off the pitch. His blogs and will to interact with fans is something you don’t see more often. His ‘Common Goal Initiative’ which asks players to donate 1% of their wages has gained great momentum recently and in the coming years it can do wonders in helping the needful. With the spirit he shows, it is too difficult to hate a player of Mata’s stature.


  1. Andres Iniesta:

It was heartbreaking to learn last season that Andres Iniesta won’t be seen any more with Barcelona. The Spaniard has been a maestro in the midfield for a very long time and it is superb how he manages to be so down to earth even after all his achievements. Iniesta has been phenomenal with his playmaking abilities and it has very rarely happened that he has been involved in any sort of feuds. He is liked for the player and person he is by all set of fans around the world.


  1. N’golo Kante:

The story of N’golo Kante cannot be more brilliant than what it is right now. From being part of the Leicester City team to surprise everyone and win the Premier league to winning it back again the next year with Chelsea and to add more, win the 2018 World Cup with France. Very rarely has a person seen this much success come his way in different forms and in spite of that, Kante has been nothing but humble about it. He prefers a very ordinary and simple lifestyle in spite of all the success and there is no reason why someone can hate the Frenchman.