Despite Dispute Denmark Expected To Face Wales Sunday In UEFA Nations League clash

Denmark selected a weakened starting XI for their friendly against Slovakia on Wednesday night, following a contract dispute involving their top performers, but Rasmus Johansson expects the dispute to be settled in time for Sunday’s UEFA Nations League clash with Wales.

The Danish FA are embroiled in a row with a host of senior players over a commercial rights agreement which prompted the selection of a highly inexperienced squad, in order to avoid possible reprisals from Uefa.

Lacking such senior players such as Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and Leicester City’s Kasper Schmeichel, who had previously helped Denmark reach the last 16 of the World Cup, not to mention the country’s manager and assistant, the Danes found themselves beaten 3-0 in the friendly at Trnava.

But futsal player Johansson a second division player in Denmark, who made his debut in Wednesday night’s clash, expects that to be his last appearance for his country, with the usual national team taking over from now.

Speaking after the game, Johansson said: “I do not expect us to play on Sunday. I think they’ve found something inside, but you never know.

“The battle on Sunday means more than today. There is more at stake and I assume they send the national team that usually plays and that they will sort it out. They should at least soon. But I do not expect us to play that match on Sunday.

“They said they do not know anything yet, so it could be either way. No one knows yet.”

Despite the lack of experience, the team coached by former Arsenal and Denmark midfielder John Jensen, looked surprisingly well-organised and created a few goal chances of their own.

After the match the Danish football association called the result an “honourable defeat,” whilst Jensen declared the loss “the best defeat”of his career and one that he would never forget.