Footballers who are holders of Guinness World Records

  1. Cesc Fabregas:

The La Masia graduate has been an amazing midfielder in his football career and it is a bit sad to see him not play regularly these days at Chelsea. Nevertheless, the Spaniard has achieved some great accolades in his career but the one that stands out uniquely is his record with Jamie Redknapp for being the joint holder for the most amount of volley passes in 30 seconds by a pair.


  1. Theo Walcott:

It hasn’t gone the way for Theo Walcott in the way he had expected as his football career has seen a decline in the past few years. The former Arsenal man was once a young sensation for England especially when he became the youngest player ever to play for the Three Lions. Walcott holds some amazing records in his career and one unique one in that list is his record of controlling a football dropped from a height of 34 meters. The record was made when he participated in an event organized by betting company Betfair during his Gunner days.


  1. Dele Alli:

Dele Alli has shown a lot of promise for the future with his stunning display with Tottenham Hotspur and it is expected that he will achieve big things with England in the near future. That being said, Alli has been involved in creating a Guinness World record of scoring the most number of volleys in a minute. He scored 20 volleys during training alongside his teammate Georges-Kevin N’Koudou and all of them were successful ones.


  1. Dele Alli:

Yes, it is the Englishman once again on this list. The last time he created a record with his teammate N’Koudou but this time the Frenchman was his opponent. One of the  most satisfying feelings on a football pitch is to nutmeg an  opponent and we have seen Alli do it quite successfully on the pitch and this time he made an incredible record of making eight nutmegs in 30 seconds against to N’Koudou.


  1. Ederson:

The Manchester City goalkeeper has enjoyed a very good spell in the Premier League ever since he joined the Blues and once again it was at the training ground that a new Guinness World record was set. Previously, the longest drop-kick record was set at 75 meters. The Brazilian managed to beat past this record by kick the ball 75.35 meters long. He joins Petr Cech and Asmir Begovic as the three goalkeepers to be mentioned in the Guinness World record books.