Footballers who continued playing on field despite of being injured

5) Wilfreid Bony-  Swansea City- Torn Ligament

The Ivorian had become a huge star in the Premier League after his goal scoring exploits with Swansea City. His fine goal return had convinced Manuel Pellegrini to sign him for Manchester City surprisingl as it may sound, Bony was actually brought in to replace EdinDzeko,who till date is banging goals for Roma. Bony,on the other hand, had an ignominious time at Manchester City. He returned to the Welsh club in 2017 but his joy was soon cut short as he sustained a cruciate ligament injury.What further made it worse was that the injury was not deciphered early and Bony kept on playing in the rest of the match only to be later found that he had suffered a knee cruciate ligament injury.


4) Stuart Pearce West Ham United-Broken Leg

The former England coach Stuart Pearce was one of the hardest guys football world has ever seen. Pearce had a brilliant playing career and has a god like status at Nottingham forrest where he spend the majority of his career. At West Ham, Pears had an unusual incident which exemplified everything Pearce was. After unthinkably breaking his leg in the first half Pearce came out to play in the second half. 6 months later when he injured the same leg once again he refused to be stretchered off.


3) CescFabregas Arsenal –Broken Toe

The Spaniard is the youngest player in the Premier League to have been handed the captain’s armband. Having begun playing for Arsenal at the age of 17, Fabregas quickly became a fan favourite. He became the creative hub of Arsenal despite his young age. While often underrated, Fabregas as a strong mentality which he showed in the 2006 UEFA Champions League quarter final where after almost breaking a toe in a career threatening injury, Fabregas continued playing on in the game and even scored a decisive penalty.What is further more appalling is that Fabregas claimed that he didn’t really know if he had broken his foot in that game of the previous game against Birmingham.


2) Vincent Kompany – Belgium – Broken nose, broken eye-socket, concussion


Kompany exudes confidence and leadership. The Belgian despite his injury struggles in recent seasons is still a key member for both the national team and Manchester City. When fit and on form, Kompany is still a credible threat for opposition forwards.  A paramount professional, Kompany has always been lauded for his commitment and desire despite numerous injuries which have time and time again threatened to put brakes on his career. In the face of it, Kompany still stands tall. Case in point, in a clash against Serbia, the Manchester City defender injured his nose, had a broken eye-socket and even suffered concussion nevertheless, continued to play on later posting a picture on social media with the caption what wouldn’t you do for your country.

1)Ronaldo – Brazil – Seizures before the match

Unarguably one of the best centre forwards of all time, Ronaldo revolutionised the playing style for strikers. His ability to run in behind carry the ball forward with immense pace changed the way football world perceived the role of strikers. Along with his heroics for the Selecao, Ronaldo had a fantastic domestic career as well playing for big clubs like the Milan clubs and in Spain with Real Madrid and Barcelona. A lesser known fact about Ronaldo is that he reportedly suffered seizures before the 1998 Fifa World Cup final against Les Bleus, which eventually Brazil lost. Ronaldo and his official sponsor, Nike, however deny the claims till date.