Goalkeepers who began their careers as outfield footballers

  1. Jose Manuel Pinto:

Jose Pinto spent his majority club career at Barcelona being second choice to Victor Valdes. Pinto didn’t get much of a chance to showcase his talent with the Catalans but he sure did a good amount of trophies especially during Pep Guardiola’s reign at Camp Nou. He won 16 trophies in total with the Spanish giants. Pinto started his career as a defensive midfielder but went on to become the man between the sticks in his football career.

  1. Adrian:

It was not before the age of 10 that Adrian stopped playing as a striker and pursued the game and his love of football by playing as a goalkeeper. He started out with his boyhood club CD Altaire and it was late in his career that he earned an important move to Real Betis in the La liga. After spending a good amount of time, he earned a switch to the Premier league with West Ham United and is doing well with the Hammer so far.

  1. Jorge Campos:

Jorge Campos surely was one of his kind as the Mexican could surely be claimed as one of the best goalkeepers of his generation. Campos was not the tallest of goalkeepers but it was his acrobatic, sharp and flamboyancy between the sticks that made him a great keeper. To add to that, he was a massive risk taker and preferred leaving his own box and help in both the attack and defense which made him a very unique keeper. In fact, he scored 46 goals in his career, making him the third highest goal scoring keeper of all time.

  1. Thibaut Courtois:

The Belgian recently moved to Real Madrid from Chelsea and it has to be said that it has to be the best move for him in his young football career. It is amazing how the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper first started out as a left back when he was with Bilzen V.V, a local club in his hometown in Belgium. It was at Racing Genk where he was changed to become a goalkeeper and since then it has all gone well for the former Chelsea goalkeeper.

  1. David De Gea:

There are very few superlatives which can do justice to describe how great a goalkeeper David De Gea is. The Spaniard has been the Messiah for Manchester United especially after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. He has been a phenomenal act between the sticks with his stunning reflexes and amazing shot-stopping abilities. That being said, it is surprising to know that David used to play as a striker before the age of 14 and used to be a frequent goal scorer as per his former coach Jose Maria Cruz.