How Jose Mourinho masterminded Manchester United’s comeback against Newcastle United?


  1. Unleashing his attackers:

It was a disastrous start to the game for Manchester United as the Red Devils saw two goals conceded in the first 10 minutes itself. While as much shocking it was to see United trail by 2 goals at Old Trafford, it was astonishing as to how Jose Mourinho had more than three attackers on the pitch by the end of the match. RomeluLukaku, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford started the match but due to Rashford’s inefficient performance in front of the goal, the young Englishman was brought off. Juan Mata was brought on in the first half itself and the winning goal scorer Alexis Sanchez came in late into the game. By the final whistle, United saw Sanchez, Lukaku, Martial, Mata and Pogba make useful contributions in helping United win the game. United surely went all in to make a terrific comeback.


  1. Bold decisions:

When your team has already conceded twice very early in the game, very few managers would dare to take a defender off in the first half itself but Jose Mourinho isn’t the stereotype. He brought on Juan Mata for the struggling Eric Bailly and kept young Scott McTominay on the field and that too as a center back. It was quite daring of Mourinho to try this stunt as it could have intensely backfired for him given how the media has already been manhunting him but the Portuguese’s brave decisions paid off immensely well. McTominay was brought off at half time to see MarouaneFellaini come on meaning both Matic and Pogba had to go deep time and again and act as a center back but the gamble paid off well.


  1. Allowing Paul Pogba to roam around:

The start of the second half against Newcastle United saw Pogba drift into more like a second center back alongside Chris Smalling and while not many expected the move to work, it did wonders on the pitch. Pogba did eventually help United make play from the back and allow the attackers with more freedom. Him and Matic exchanged roles beautifully at the back. Pogba ran the show in spite of playing deep. His assist for United’s second goal scored by Anthony Martial was a delightful one and only if he could perform like that on a regular basis, United could do a lot better in the Premier league.