Mayweather v McGregor things to know

We all understand that when you fight a certain way it becomes second nature. It happens without the need to think, it’s just part and parcel of how you fight.


So, imagine this, Mayweather is dominating the fight and making McGregor look slow, sloppy and amateurish. Every time the Irishman comes forward Mayweather picks him off and quickly moves out of danger. Check out the Mayweather and McGregor free bets here.


What is to say that out of pure desperation and fighting instinct suddenly McGregor takes Mayweather to the ground? Yes it does sound crazy, but anything can happen and to be fair to McGregor, that thought process is always in his mind as a mixed martial artist. It would be quite spectacular to see both fighters toe to toe, slugging it out and suddenly McGregor whips in a takedown and proceeds to get Mayweather in an arm bar.


Well, it is not just us who have had this thought, Floyd Mayweather’s assistant trainer has admitted that he is “concerned” Conor McGregor will get frustrated and “do something crazy” when the two men meet in August’s ‘super-fight’. Dana White has previously stated that McGregor would lose money, and concede defeat in the process if he were to “go rogue” and break the rules.


Mayweather certainly has all the skill and experience to be able to keep McGregor at bay and out of harms reach. McGregor does, however, come at you from awkward angles, and credit where it is due packs a punch. Can McGregor do what other big hitters such as Sugar Shane Mosely, (DeMarcus) Chop Chop Corley and Zab Judah tried to do yet failed? All these boxers hit him with a good shot and Floyd just kept going regardless.


26th August 2017 is a date that will be remembered for years to come as boxing clashed with MMA and two superstars in their own right went head to head.