Mourinho Calls Speculation Over Pogba Relationship ‘Lies’

Jose Mourinho has called speculation that his relationship with Paul Pogba has broken down as pure lies.

Recent reports have suggested the £89million signing was irritated at not being employed more offensively and regretted his decision to sign to United, while others have linked him with a move to Real Madrid in the summer, but Mourinho has denied the speculation.

When asked for his thoughts on the ‘speculation,’ Mourinho replied: “I think you are nice with your words because when you say a lot of speculation, you should say a lot of lies.

“I can speak on Paul’s behalf without any kind of problem. He accepts he’s not been playing well in the last few matches, but that’s all.

“It’s a big lie that our relationship is not good. It’s a big lie that we don’t communicate. It’s a big lie that we don’t agree with his position and his dynamic within the team.

“The team needs him at a good level and when he isn’t the team is not as good. So be objective and say what we all know – in the last couple of matches he didn’t play well. Period.

“The majority of the things you can read and listen to – don’t be nice, be objective and say lies.”

Pogba, a world record signing when he joined from Juventus in 2016, was playing phenomenally before receiving an injury this season which almost needed surgery and he has not played well since.

The midfielder who was subbed during Manchester United’s game against Newcastle on Sunday, came under a barrage of criticism after the game for his below-par performance.

It was the third consecutive time the France international had failed to play a full 90 minutes for the Red Devils and at the time of substitution, United were losing to the Magpies.