Possible post retirement options for Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Get rid of the limelight

It is really difficult to imagine a day Cristiano Ronaldo not to be in the news or an advertisement. The football world has been so used to seeing him in some form or the other; it is difficult to digest the fact that someday Ronaldo will retire and can keep himself off the screen. He has always been surrounded by some story or the other, and maybe he would want to get more privacy and relief staying away from all these stuff. It is possible that Ronaldo can disappear from the public eye post-retirement.

  1. Become an actor

Ronaldo is a handsome man and undoubtedly one of the good looking footballers around right now. Although history has shown that not many footballers have succeeded when they have opted to join the acting profession, Ronaldo’s popularity is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors that separate him from the rest. The likes of Beckham and Cantona have earned some success in acting but not to the level one would expect, but Ronaldo has the chance to shine as an actor post-retirement.

  1. Get into modelling

Ronaldo has done superbly well to maintain a slim and muscular body. It is quite evident looking at Ronaldo’s physique that he is more than suitable to get into the modelling business. With the stardom and popularity he possesses, he is only going to get more opportunities in this field. Given that he is already promoting so many clothing brands, his demand will only increase if he officially decides to join modelling after retiring from football.

  1. Promote his own label

Ronaldo is not only an idol for football fans for his performances on the field, but he is also a fashion icon around the world. Ronaldo has started his own boutique using the famous CR7 label on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Having already released his own line of underwear, socks, shirts under his own label, Ronaldo has a lot of scope to expand using this as a massive business opportunity. Fans have crazily gone on to buy such products and will continue to do so.

  1. Enter coaching or management

It has always been an option for football players to get into management post-retirement. With Ronaldo, we have always seen him animated and active when he is on the sidelines, guiding or advising his teammates as to what is to be done. Given how a legendary player like Zidane can turn into a successful manager, it must inspire and instigate Ronaldo to pursue in the same way pose retirement.