Premier League Clubs Announce Price Cap Of £30 For Away Tickets

After a number of high profile protests against ticket prices in the Premier League, it appears the clubs listened to their fans, announcing Wednesday that they have agreed to limit away tickets prices to a maximum of £30 for the next three seasons.

Following the result of the new television deal, worth £5.14billion the ground breaking agreement is set to start for the new season and last three years. But it is a compromise as fan groups backed the Twenty’s Plenty campaign, launched in 2013 to cap prices at £20.

Liverpool fans group Spirit of Shankly helped lead protests against the price increase at Anfield, believing travelling fans are already under added pressure and expense facing additional costs for transport as well as finding money for food and drinks once at the matches.

The Premier League released a statement on Wednesday aknowledging that away supporters were “essential for match atmosphere and stimulate the response from home fans that distinguishes Premier League matches from those of other leagues.

“They have additional travel costs and pay individual match prices, as season ticket and other discounts are not available to them Responsibility for them is shared between clubs and therefore it is right that there is a collective initiative to help them.”

Arsenal have gone one step further to help support their fans by freezing season ticket prices for next season and offering supporters £4 off their away tickets.

“These steps mean that we will have held general admission season ticket prices flat for nine of the 12 years since our move to Emirates Stadium by 2018, and are also designed to make things a little easier for our travelling fans who often face the highest prices when watching Arsenal play away,” explained Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis.

“We have fantastic support home and away. We know that following the club is a commitment and are always seeking to strike the right balance in our pricing,” he added.