Ryan Mason Speaks After Receiving Fractured Skull

Hull City midfielder Ryan Mason has been able to speak of yesterday’s incident during Hull’s 2-0 defeat at Chelsea, in which the 25-year-old suffered a fractured skull.

Mason collided heads with fellow England international Gary Cahill 13 minutes into the Premier League game. Both players were affected and spent a lengthy period receiving treatment from both medical teams, as referee Neil Swarbrick stopped the game.

Whilst Cahill returned to his feet and was able to resume play, Mason was stretchered off, with an oxygen mask and taken to St Mary’s Hospital in London, where he underwent surgery.

On Monday Hull City released the following statement:

The club can confirm that Ryan has been visited this morning at St Mary’s Hospital by club captain Michael Dawson, Club Doctor Mark Waller, Head of Medical Rob Price and Club Secretary Matt Wild.

Ryan has been speaking of the incident yesterday and will continue to be monitored at the hospital over the coming days where the Club will remain in close contact with Ryan, his family and the staff at St Mary’s.

Ryan and his family have also been extremely touched by the overwhelming support they have received and would very much like to thank all of those who have posted such positive comments both on social media and in the press over the last 24 hours.

The brain injury charity Headway has praised Hull City and Chelsea for the swift treatment the England international received, after being critical of the way in which head injuries have been treated in many high-profile football incidents in recent years.

There had been concerns as to whether concussion protocols that were introduced in August 2014 were being applied.

Cahill was able to resume play and went on to score for Chelsea eight minutes from time, following on from Diego Costa’s opening goal in the 7th minute.