The all-time best transfers between Real Madrid and Barcelona

  1. Javier Saviola:

The Argentine was well known for his skills to score from an attacking position. Saviola was such a great player that Pele went on to mention his name in the 100 greatest living football players. Saviola was a delight to watch with his playmaking abilities and his tenure at Barcelona was a good one but after three loan spells he went on to join Real Madrid. He couldn’t play much for the Los Blancos due to some contract issues.


  1. Michael Laudrup:

Laudrup is known to be one of the best midfielders of his generation. The former Swansea manager was absolutely magnificent with his abilities on the ball and creative abilities. His time was at Barcelona was one to remember but he controversially went on to join Real Madrid as the relationship between him and then Barcelona manager Johan Cruyff wasn’t the best but Laudrup did accept later on that he regretted making the move to Madrid.


  1. Bernd Schuster:

Schuster was an important player for Barcelona in the 1980s given his ability to create and help with his versatility on the field. He was tactically very sound and benefited the Catalan side a lot with his experience. He made more than 40 appearances for West Germany and will be remembered by Barcelona fans for his contribution and also moving to Real Madrid which created quite a controversy. He later on went on to become the manager for Madrid in the 2007-08 season.


  1. Luis Enrique:

We all know Enrique from his Barcelona days as a player and also as a manager. He made more than 200 appearances for the Catalans but unlike the other players on this list, Enrique joined Barcelona from Real Madrid. That being said, Enrique remains one of those rare players who are adored by both set of fans. Enrique won the treble with Barcelona and is currently managing the national Spanish team.


  1. Luis Figo:

The great Portuguese was a phenomenal player and he was doing very well with Barcelona until Real Madrid and Fiorentino Perez came knocking for his signature. It created a high level of controversy when Figo decided to join Madrid as the Barcelona fans felt a lot of disgust and betrayal because of the Portuguese’s decision to join their rivals. It was a move that ignited a lot of bad blood between the two clubs for a long time and gave a different flavor to the El Clasico fixture.