The Rising Stars Of English Football

  1. Harry Winks (Tottenham):

Winks has been termed to be a great prospect for England in the coming future ever since he came on to the scene for Spurs. Winks is a very good passer of the ball and a pretty incisive one, something what the English midfield desperately needs from quite some time now. With a strong and defensive midfielder besides him, Winks can be very effective deep from the midfield and that will surely do wonders for the Three Lions once he is settled and matured.


  1. Phil Foden (Manchester City):

It is a big achievement when someone like Pep Guardiola shows a great amount of belief in you and to be honest Foden has earned it. Foden is not the typical English midfielder. He has a Spanish style about himself with him gliding past players from the midfield and providing with incisive passes not many can visualize on the pitch. Under Pep he will nurture well and can be a huge asset to England in the near future.


  1. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United):

The Englishman had a great start to his club career with Manchester United and as much exciting it was, Rashford has lost some momentum since then. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change what he’s capable of. With his immense pace, sharp dribbling skills and goal scoring attributes, Rashford can be a successful striker for England. He can even play on the wings and it is safe to say that he offers more than just scoring and creating on the pitch. With the right development, Rashford can be a world class player in the future.


  1. Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund):

Sancho has already created a lot of buzz by making a bold decision to play away from England and surprisingly it did work for him. After an impressive start at Dortmund, Sancho received an England call-up. He is not as pacey as Sterling is but he surely offers plenty when he has the ball at his feet. He can make things happen with ease with his skills on the ball and it is something England do not have right now. Sancho needs to play more to develop successfully and it seems going away from England looks the right decision for him.


  1. Trent Alexander Arnold (Liverpool):

Liverpool have produced some great Englishmen in the history of the country and it seems Trent Alexander Arnold will be one more of a similar kind. The right full-back has looked very impressive especially while going forward. His crosses have been deadly and very accurate. Also, his set-piece abilities have looked excellent. If he can work on his defensive abilities more, he can have the right blend of balance in his game and can be of immense help to England in the near future.