The worst 5 tragedies in world football that made everyone sad

  1. Fallen Heroes – April 27, 1993:

The Zambian national team was flying to play against Senegal in Dakar for a FIFA World Cup qualifier match in 1993. It was then when the Zambian Air Force aircraft crashed straight into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all the 25 passengers and crew members. The African Nations straight away collectively came to stood in support and remembered the innocent lives killed. Zambia paid their tributes to the innocents killed by winning the 2012 African Cup of Nations.

  1. The Hillsborough – 15 April, 1989:

It was the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest that went haywire due to overcrowding. This lead to the death of 96 fans and resulted in 766 injuries, producing a big disaster. The entire Britain mourned in the wake of this incident, with support and condolences coming from all over the football world. Also, the Merseyside derby five weeks after the incident saw both teams wearing black-arm bands.

  1. Superga Air Disaster – May 4, 1949:

Back then, Turin saw Torino dominating the football in Italy but an unexpected tragedy took place. The Torino team was returning from Lisbon after a friendly with Benfica when the Italians airlines flight crashed into the supporting wall of the Basilica of Superga in Turin. The incident killed 31 people including the players, coaching staff and journalists. The disaster has a lot of similarity to that of Busby babes for Manchester United as people still vividly remember the those who lost their lives.

  1. Chapecoense – November 28,2016:

The Brazilian team was living its dream to play the biggest final in the history of their club to face Atletico Nacional in the Copa Sudamericana final. It was then that their flight crashed in Medellin killing 71 players, journalists and crews. Atletico Nacional requested to CONMEBOL to award the final and the cup to Chapecoense. Chapecoense strongly refused the idea of getting immune from relegation for three seasons and instead built a new team using their players in the reserves and on loan to finish 8th in the league the next season.

  1. The Munich Air Disaster – 6 February, 1958:

The incident shook the entire world as the gravity of the tragedy was way too high. The Manchester United team were returning back home after defeating Red Star Belgrade to progress to the European cup semifinals. Eight United players and 15 others were killed as the aircraft carrying them malfunctioned. It was then when United showed great character and rebuild the team to conquer the European Cup ten years later after this tragedy. The tragedy and the loss of lives is remembered every now and then with the best of tributes.