Things Jose Mourinho needs to do for the next season at Manchester United

  1. Remove the deadwood:

Post Sir Alex Ferguson’s era at Manchester United, plenty of players have been identified not as per United’s standards or quality. While some have left, some still remain. Mourinho has had one season to figure that out, and it is time United offload these players. The likes of Smalling, Phil Jones, Fellaini, Young have been severely criticised for not showing the potential they are supposed to and recently even the consistency of captain Wayne Rooney is under the radar. In any case, no matter how big a player is, United should offload players to make room for new ones.

  1. Focus on winning important games:

While one can understand Mourinho’s state with all the injuries and not enough quality available recently, but that is not an excuse to play defensive football against the top teams in the Premier League. United have played defensively against the top six teams which certainly doesn’t bode well for the fans and the United standards. Jose needs to change that irrespective of what type of players are there at his disposal.

  1. Get Zlatan to renew his contract:

In spite of United not playing in the most fluent attacking way, Zlatan has been their top scorer by a big margin. The 35-year-old Swedish striker was unlucky to rule out with injury for the rest of season, but he has yet again shown what a world class player he is in front of the goal and United desperately need characters like him in the dressing room. Even if United to manage to sign a striker, Zlatan needs to be with them for at least a year.

  1. Get the best out of Paul Pogba:

It suffices to say that Pogba hasn’t been at his best this season, but that is an understandable state given the overall performance of United. United have lacked pace and quality in their game and in spite of Pogba being as much creative as he could, United didn’t capitalise. Mourinho needs to get mobile players around Pogba to link up with him and allow the Frenchman to show all his superb skills and abilities. Pogba can be a very influential player for United next season but for that United have to speed up their play.

  1. Getting the right transfers:

Mourinho did reasonably well last summer with his transfers, yet he will still feel he needs at least four more quality players in different positions to get United back to where they belong. It is going to be tricky to get the players he wants, but it is certainly not impossible. It is vital for Mourinho to get his transfers right and use the players signed effectively. It is safe to say that his signings may define his team’s performance for the entire season and it is high time that United start making themselves as title favourites before it gets too late.