Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers

10.Fernando Torres

The Spaniard made it to the top 10 this season and is ranked as the 10th highest earning footballer whose income is purported to be $21.3 million.

Torres pockets $17.8 million professionally where as the remaining $3.5 million comes from his endorsements.


9.Yaya Toure

Manchester City anchorman Yaya Toure is one of the best players in the world at the moment and draws a relatively hefty sum of $21.7 million annually.

The Ivorian stands 9th in the list of highest paid footballers according to reports released by Forbes.


8.Sergio Aguero

The Argentine starlet has been a metronome ever since he joined Manchester City and was pivotal to City's tremendous success in the recent years. And this has some way gone on to shoot up his worth exorbitantly.

Aguero currently rakes in $18.3 million, but adding his commercial and sponsorship income, his pay package rises to $23.3 million.


7.Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United star is one of the highest money grosser in England and 7th, in the world.

Rooney's net income is chronicled to be 23.4 million in US dollars, that entails his salary, commercial income and sponsorship dividends as well.



Ever since the Brazilian talisman moved to Barcelona, there simply hasn't been an upswing in his stature, but in his fortunes as well. Neymar costs the Catalan outfit $17.6 million annually.

And because of his deals with sponsors such as Nike, Volkswagen coupled with his commercials, the 23-year old hauls in another $16 million.




Manchester United hitman Radamel Falcao has seen a massive upturn in his fortunes in the recent years and is currently taking home $35.4 pay.

Forbes rank him 5th highest earning player in the world.


4.Gareth Bale

The most expensive player in the world is certainly not the the most earning footballer though.

Gareth Bale's reported income amounts to $36.4 million and has leapt into the top 5 since his mega move to Real Madrid.


3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to enthrall one and all with his stupendous acrobatics and breathtaking goals, even at 34! But all those come at a cost.

The towering Swede receives a remuneration of $40.4 million, thereby putting him next to the big 2, Messi and Ronaldo.


2.Lionel Messi

Barcelona astro Lionel Messi is indeed one of the greatest to have graced the game of football and such high standards demand extraordinary wages as well.

The Argentine's annual fee is figured to be $64.7 million, 41.7 million out of which is paid by Barcelona and the remaining $23million comes from his endorsements and sponsorship deals.


1.Cristiano Ronaldo


The highest earning footballer in the world is, no doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo, who collects a whooping $80million net pay! 

The Real Madrid star is currently the best player in the world and his immaculate performances with the Whites beckons such an astronomical ransom he bags.