Top 10 most valuable clubs

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

Despite their second place finish in the much coveted English Premier League, they have managed to make it to the top 10 of the most valuable clubs in the World. This has little do with the football squad, and it depends on the excellence of the marketing team.

Spurs have leapfrogged in recent times, and it shows with their rise from $441 million to $646 million keeping them stable at number 10.

  1. Liverpool

The Merseyside club has remained on the fringes of the top 4 and top 7 for quite some time now. However, they have a real chance of qualifying for the Champions League next season, and their marketing team has also upped the ante.

The money has trickled down well and smooth, which saw their $748 million collection hike to $908 million.

  1. Arsenal

There are no questions that Arsenal has endured one of their worst seasons in the last five years, which saw them lose their top 4 spot as well. The slump has created a major loss in the financial sector as well.

They have dropped two places to eight, and their net worth has dropped to $858 million from $941 million. Numbers suggests that the marketing team has faced the wrath this time.

  1. Paris St. Germain

The riches of PSG have returned since the change of power, but they don’t seem to have the cutting edge about them even after signing the biggest of names. Their shocking 6-1 defeat to Barcelona after going 4-0 up in the first leg rocked their status as European elite.

However, their marketing team seems to have learned the trick to remaining afloat in the market, and their jump from $792 million to $1011 million speaks a lot about it.

  1. Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City might have qualified for the Champions League, but better things were expected from such an expensive side. Their attacking prowess is next to none in the Premier League, and with Pep guiding them, there should have been silverware this season to their name.

Their dip in form coincided with the marketing team’s dip in form. The numbers dropped down to $905million from $1021million.

  1. Bayern Munich

There has been a sense of disappointment surrounding the side from Bavaria in this season. They have won yet another league title but failed to make an impact in the UCL bowing out to Real Madrid in the quarter-finals.

However, their marketing team was not to be humbled, and they maintained their usual standards. They rendered a brilliant season monetarily, and the jump from $867 to $1222 this year is enough to brag about.

  1. Chelsea

After a dismal previous campaign where they failed to even qualify for the Europa League, the newly transformed Antonio Conte’s Chelsea surprised everyone. They won the Premier League for the sixth time and were ruthless and determined throughout the season.

The marketing team has been brilliant too. They helped Chelsea jump to the 4th spot from 8th last season. The last season saw them amass $776 million, but this time they managed $1248 million.

  1. Barcelona

When you have players like Luis Suarez, Andres Iniesta, Neymar, and Lionel Messi in your squad; it is tough to think of them not winning anything more than the Copa Del Rey. Barcelona experienced a topsy-turvy season watching their fiercest rivals Real Madrid dethrone them in the League and lift the Champions League as well.

The marketing team of Barcelona didn’t seem to be deterred by this, and business was usual at their end. A 43% hike, which saw them amass $1413 million this season as compared to $993 million the previous season.

  1. Real Madrid

Los Blancos have been phenomenal this season, and under Zidane, they have managed to retain the Champions League, a record since the competition’s inception. Cristiano Ronaldo and company went all gun blazing right at the business end of the season, and they have managed to earn the tag of one of the best squads ever.

This earned them a second spot on the most valuable clubs list. They have achieved $1419 million this term as compared to the $1148 million last year.

  1. Manchester United

This might come as a surprise, but the laborious Mourinho’s Manchester United has become the most valuable club this season. Their Europa League success doubled with the two domestic silverwares managed to save Mourinho’s blushes this time.

However, it came as a surprise when the list was announced. The marketing team has been brilliant this term for them amassing a staggering $1733 million from $1170 million.