Why Arsene Wenger could become the next Real Madrid manager?

5) Once again prove himself

It takes some courage to oversaw the development of a new stadium. It’s not just the new stadium which is being built, it is the factors surrounding it which threatens to hinder the club’s progress. Restrained funds is at the top of all those factors. How difficult it can possibly be can be best understood by the current scenario Spurs’ boss, Mauricio Pochettino, currently finds him in. He just had a transfer market wherein he literally did not bring in a single new face to the club. For Wenger though, it had become a routine.  Nevertheless, he continued to preside over the club’s stability and did so with great consistency. He is the same person who was derided by the English football but led Arsenal to the only invincible season the English game has seen till date. A man of his vigour, it looks unlikely he will be staying away from the pitch for long and answer those Wenger out critics in style.

4) Attractive football

While PepGuardiola is often credited for revolutionizing the way the game is played with his exquisite Tiki Taka style, it is Arsene Wenger who brought the beautiful game to the physically endowed English football. And it is also something that often went unnoticed during arsenewenger days at Arsenal. The gunners had just become so accustomed to playing attractive football that they had virtually forgotten how to defend like a team. While Wenger’s all attacking approach often left Arsenal exposed at the back there is little doubt that Arsenal ever played football which was not easy to the eye. His attacking approach to the game would surely flourish in Madrid thanks to the players they have at the club right from the defence to attack.

3) Best Short-Term Solution

With Ronaldo and Zidane both departed, the change was never going to be easy. However, nobody had envisaged that a team full of stars even without Ronaldo or Zidane to manage them would flounder as much as they have so far. Suddenly, a team which had won three straight Champions league titles can’t find the back off the net. With everything falling apart, the club’s  search of a stopgap should likely lead them to Wenger, who can guarantee the calmness. He demands respect for all he has done in the game over the years while is still more than good enough to take charge of a top top club even if it means only for a short term.

2) He is a top manager

Like discussed before, it takes some manager to deal with the pressure from all sides and still manage to steady the ship. That might not have been the case towards the end of his tenure at Arsenal but as the famous saying goes, every good song does end sometime. What cannot be forgotten is that under Wenger, Arsenal consistently qualified for top 4 despite the rivals’ serious injection of cash. The likes of Chelsea, United too were not as consistent in the recent seasons as Arsene’s Arsenal was.  He deserves all the credit in the world for taking the fight to Manchester United and virtually ending their dominance. It was under his tutelage that the world saw Robin Van Persie and Thierry Henry alter their positions and become the world’s very best. No normal manager can do all that and thus Wenger is a great manager who deserves to be considered so.

1)Man manager

The first thing Real Madrid need right now is a man who can steady the ship by bringing the harmony back to the dressing room. For all his struggles, it is remarkable that none of his former player speak ill of Wenger. He has the ability to unite the dressing room despite the big names it may have. The likes of Martin Keown, Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie and Robert Pires still speak of the Frenchman in glowing terms. And that could just be the remedy to Real Madrid’s problems. The club’s stars need someone like Wenger to re-instil the belief and confidence which got them to the pinnacle of European football.