Why Manchester United should replace Jose Mourinho with Zinedine Zidane?

  1. Tackle big egos:

Clearly, at the moment it doesn’t look like Jose Mourinho is able to handle the big players at United. As it is reported time and again, Pogba and Mourinho doesn’t seem to be sharing the best of relationships. While at Real Madrid, Zidane did quite well in handling the big players at the Los Blancos and is used to tackle them well and it is something that the management at United would desperately like.

  1. Play attacking football:

One of the biggest complaints with the style of football United play under Mourinho is that the Red Devils are too defensive at times. Jose always prefers a cautious approach rather than going for an aggressive one and taking the game to the opposition. At Real Madrid, Zidane played some nice attacking football with the players at his disposal and it only helped their cause to win the biggest trophies. Irrespective of winning a silverware, the United fans would love United to play attacking football once again.

  1. Get the best out of individual players:

Jose Mourinho’s arrival meant United would see some good development of their players but surprisingly, it didn’t happen. Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Antonio Valencia and some others are still stuck at the same level they were before Mourinho’s arrival and that needs to change. Zidane has the capability and intelligence to help a player get technically better and it is something Sir Alex would have definitely done had he been in charge.

  1. Solve Pogba and Martial issues:

Mourinho’s relationship with both Pogba and Martial has been questionable and while it cannot be said who has at more fault, the issue is very likely to resolve with Zidane in charge. Not to forget the French connection it would bring in with Zidane’s arrival, but the French manager can very well help both Martial and Pogba to improve their game. He did with Marco Asensio and Lucas Vasquez at Madrid who were comparatively less developed than Pogba or Martial. Zidane has always been great with individual guidance and that would do a ton of good to United if he becomes incharge.

  1. Winner:

People might say that Zinedine Zidane receive a squad bundled with a lot of talent and experience but it takes lot more than just having a bunch of star-studded squad to win the Champions league three times in a row. Zidane knows how to win matches especially the big ones and that is something United have lacked with Mourinho. Zidane has the vision and capability to take United a long way if he is to replace Jose in the near future.