Youngsters who can win the Ballon D’Or in future

  1. Harry Kane:

There was a time when fans around the world wrote off Harry Kane as a ‘one season wonder’. It is safe to say that he proved all of them wrong with some phenomenal performances on a consistent basis at the top level. Today, Harry Kane is the captain of the English national team and is renowned as one of the best strikers in the world. His smart positioning and amazing finishing abilities have brought him a lot of success on an individual level and it is about time he wins trophies for the efforts and performances he has been putting in. His Golden Boot winning performance in the World Cup speaks volumes about his capabilities and should he move to one of the top European clubs in the near future, he is very likely to win the Ballon d’Or in the future.


  1. Eden Hazard:

The Belgium captain led his team from the front with some commanding performances in the World Cup this year in Russia. With the ball on his feet, Hazard is capable of doing some magical things. His nimble footwork and mindboggling dribbling skills make him a very unique player and there is no doubt that he is currently one of the best players in the Premier league. Hazard on his day can change things around with utter ease and if he manages to do that on a consistent basis, he stands a great chance of winning the Ballon d’Or. Currently with Chelsea, Hazard has a won a handful amount of trophies but he needs to be more influential and productive with his gameplay to challenge the top most level of players and if he manages to do that there is no stopping him from winning the Ballon d’Or.


  1. Neymar Jr.:

When Neymar was at Barcelona, he time and again faced the challenge to outclass the performance of Lionel Messi in spite of being in the same team. Messi has always been a front runner in the Ballon d’Or race. After moving to Paris Saint Germain in France, Neymar has been quite dominating with his gameplay, massively being involved in scoring and creating goals. Ligue 1 being not one of the most popular leagues, Neymar will have to do much better than just winning the Ligue 1. He has to win the Champions league and play an influential role in it for whichever club he is playing if he is to stand a chance of winning the Ballon d’Or some day.